Range of Services

Buildings and Extensions

Planning, site supervision and project management for residential and commercial buildings of all kinds, as well as extensions

Project management services including the coordination of all technical and financial matters

Facility management
IT-supported documentation of buildings
Cost and quality analyses

Infrastructure services in building management

General Planning Involving Specialist Engineers

Landscape planning, design of outdoor facilities, working out of landscaping and open space plans, construction management

Urban design services, preparation of land use plans and development plans, road design

Structure design, statics

Building control systems

General Planning Involving Specialized Experts

Matters of thermic construction physics
Calculation and attestation of heat protection
Analysis of the economically optimal insulation

Noise control and acoustics
Acoustic survey
Set noise regulations
Design of noise control measures

Surveying services
Design and construction survey, with documentation of existing buildings and facilities

Environmental building assessment
Contamination investigation, suspected ammunition findings